Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

New Sermon Series: “Losers, Laymen and Leaders”

Currently, we are going through a sermon series based on the Old Testament book of Judges. “Losers, Laymen and Leaders” focuses on Israel’s activities in the Promised Land during the time period after the death of Joshua and before the reign of a king.

New Thursday Bible Study — “Guardrails”

Last week we began a new DVD Bible Study entitle, “Guardrails.” All of us know that guardrails are a boundary system designed to keep vehicles from access to dangerous or off-limit areas. If we bump into them we may have minor damage but will be protected from a major loss. In a similar way, we need guardrails in our lives to keep from having a life of regret. Dinner is at 5pm and the video will begin at 6pm. Join us!