Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Wednesday Night Study
“Christian History Made Easy”

We are currently going through a new DVD study that is entitled, “Christian History Made Easy.” If you have studied the history of the Christian faith and felt bored or confused, this 12 week program is just for you. The history of the Christian faith is the story of how the life-changing message of Jesus went from Jerusalem to the utter ends of the earth over the last 2000 years. Come join us. Dinner will be served at 5pm. See you then!

Daylight Saving Time Begins

Set your clocks one hour forward next Saturday night, March 11th, for “Daylight Savings Time” begins on the 12th.

Thoughts to Ponder and Act Upon

  • Who do you know that is a thankful person?
  • In what ways has God blessed you?
  • How do you serve the Lord?